Control and maintenance of metalworking fluids

The composition of metalworking emulsions can change over time due to chemical attack and/or microbiological contamination. It is therefore critical to monitor and maintain emulsions properly. This leads to improved product performance and health and safety requirements are met at the same time. Full monitoring of your refrigeration emulsions is the best way to achieve this. Let our Lubrication Engineers assist you in an ISO 9001-certified framework!


What can you expect from us?

  • Our Lubrication Engineer measures the concentration and acidity of the emulsion and, if necessary, checks the nitrites and bacteria content and the water quality
    • Concentration measurements
    • pH measurement
    • Laboratory analyses
  • The first findings and any adjustments are discussed with you on the spot
    • Corrections and adjustments
    • Training for maintenance
    • You receive a thorough and professional report with the results of the analysis and any actions to be taken


What is the added value of regular follow-up?

  • Decrease in oil consumption. Contact with foreign oil (such as slideway oil), fluctuations in pH, formation of fungi and bacteria are factors that disrupt the quality of the cooling emulsion. Timely checks significantly increase the life of the emulsion
  • Longer operating time of the emulsion bath
  • Protection of your workpieces and cutting tools. Timely checks prevent corrosion, among other things, which in turn prevents wear and leads to cleaner machines
  • Health risks are avoided by reduced contact with a contaminated and unsafe emulsion