TP 700 Shampoo

Intensive shampoo with drying effect


Highly concentrated, highly foaming shampoo with self-drying effect for trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles. Environmental dirt, oil, grease and other dirt from the street are removed effectively and quickly, while at the same time caring for the bodywork paintwork.
At the same time, the shampoo acts as a "gliding agent" between the wash brush and the paintwork, thus ensuring a gentle wash. The same washing process also has a self-cleaning effect on the wash brushes. The product's fragrance leaves a pleasantly fresh smell in the wash area.

Area of application

For vehicle washing in all truck and commercial vehicle wash stations and for manual vehicle washing. It can also be used as a pre-cleaner applied by spray or high-pressure equipment.
In the airport area, it is ideally suited for the cleaning of ground equipment, passenger buses and vehicles on the tarmac.


In the car wash, the shampoo is used undiluted and fed into the wash cycle via the existing dosing pump. The pump should be adjusted so that a truck consumes approx. 30-50 ml of product per wash cycle and a passenger car approx. 10-20 ml.
For manual application, the product can be diluted up to 1:200, depending on the degree of soiling. When spraying on vertical surfaces, the product should always be applied from the bottom up, in order to avoid "streaks". After a short period of action (max. 5 minutes), rinse with a strong water jet or with a high-pressure cleaner.
The shampoo can also be used for immersion cleaning.

Technical data

Density (20° C): approx. 1.05 kg/l (1 l corresponds to 1.05 kg)
pH value: approx. 9.9


Non-ionic surfactants, phosphates
Other components: fixative and odorants.

Classification according to the Dangerous Substances Regulation

Xi - irritant
For R-phrases and S-phrases, see safety data sheet.


The quality of the product is not affected by frost.
Concentrate, German water hazard classification: WGK 2 = pollutant (internal classification);
in application: WGK 1 = slightly water endangering (internal classification).
In the prescribed application concentration, easily separable in the waste water system.

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TP 700 Shampoo

TP 700 Shampoo

TP 700 Shampoo

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