AdBlue is the registered name of a 32.5% solution of synthetic urea in demineralized water. The harmless aqueous solution is injected into the hot exhaust gases. The nitrogen oxides formed during combustion are converted into harmless nitrogen and water course and so environmentally friendly. The consumption of AdBlue is about 5% of the diesel consumption. AdBlue makes it possible to reduce nitrogen oxides to meet the latest emission standards of the exhaust gases.

As official distributor for Yara’s Air1 AdBlue Ingelbeen-Soete can offer you the most reliable solution in this segment.Considering that Yara is the largest producer of AdBlue in the World, choosing Air1 AdBlue guarantees you a delivery meeting to the highest standards. A safe and reliable choice for you as well as for your equipment.


OptiSpray is a new type of Adblue and naturally available at Ingelbeen-Soete. OptiSpray consists of normal AdBlue in conformity with norm ISO 22241 supplemented with a special cleansing additive. This additive prevents the crystallization of the AdBlue in the SCR catalyst, even when it does not fully reach operating temperature.

As official distributor of Air1 AdBlue, feel free to Contact us for an offer without engagement of AdBlue. As a result of our large stock, we are able to guarantee you a delivery at short notice.


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