TP 430 Intensivreiniger S

Acidic cleaning concentrate with intensive effect

Product description

TP 430 Intensive Cleaner S is an acidic, intensive cleaning concentrate for the internal and external cleaning of, for example, trailers, tankers, containers, chassis, tank wagons and aluminium silos.
TP 430 Intensive Cleaner S removes products in the tank cleaning area as well as stubborn inorganic (lime scale, rust/lime scale, titanium paste, lime scale, rust/lime scale, titanium paste, etc.) and organic deposits (grease, oil, fatty acids, etc.), road grime and rail abrasion.
TP 430 Intensive Cleaner S removes mineral soiling such as lime and sand soiling, light unbound concrete deposits and rust deposits.
TP 430 Intensive Cleaner S is a high-performance product for professional wheel cleaning. A material compatibility test on a hidden area is recommended. For non-standard rims, follow the manufacturer's instructions for use. Only for painted rims!
TP 430 Intensive Cleaner S is fully rinseable and washable and rustproof, so that even surfaces intended for contact with food can be treated with it.

Area of application

Varnish, stainless steel
Ferrous metals and aluminium with restrictions


Removal of grease :

Concentration: 0.5 - 5 % v/v
Temperature: 20 - 65°C

Removal of oxide and scale :

Concentration: 3 - 20 % v/v
Temperature: 20 - 65°C

Technical data

Appearance: colourless - yellowish liquid
Density: ~1.16 g/cm3 (1 kg ≙ 0.86 l)
pH value (10 g/l): ~2

Important components

Phosphates, non-ionic and anionic surfactants, inorganic acids, water-miscible solvents, corrosion inhibitors

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