Scania truck oil and Scania bus oil

Scania trucks and other commercial vehicles can benefit from powerful Mobil Delvac™ synthetic oils specifically formulated to meet Scania LDF specifications and Scania specifications for low axle contents. Whether Scania R-series, Scania P-series truck oil, or Scania Irizar i4 bus oil, there is a wide range of Mobil Delvac oils you can rely on.

Scania LDF4 and Scania Low Ash oils

 is a fully synthetic low SAPS diesel engine oil that has been approved by Scania and meets Scania LDF4 and Scania Low ash oil specifications. This oil has both the potential to save fuel and longer drain intervals.

Scania LDF oil

 is a fully synthetic diesel engine oil approved for Scania LDF oil.  is suitable for Scania Euro II or Scania Euro III engines requiring longer drain intervals and provides both exceptional performance and excellent protection against high and low temperatures".

Scania LDF2 oil and Scania LDF3 oil

 is a synthetic extra powerful diesel engine oil approved for Scania LDF2 and Scania LDF3 oils.  is suitable for Scania Euro IV or Scania Euro V engines requiring longer drain intervals. This engine oil provides longer drain intervals in modern diesel engines for heavy-duty and industrial applications.  also outperforms the previous Scania LDF oil standard, making it suitable for Scania Euro IV or Scania Euro V engines requiring extended drain intervals.

Scania approval for low ash oil

 is a synthetic, extra powerful diesel engine oil with low SAPS and Scania approval for low ash oil. It provides advanced protection for the engine and emission system when used in heavy-duty cargo transport applications. For both the use of a Scania LDF oil and a Scania low ash oil you can use our product selector tool to determine which oil is most suitable for your Scania commercial vehicle.

How can you save money with Mobil Delvac 1™?

Fully synthetic oils such as Mobil Delvac 1 circulate more smoothly through a Scania engine than traditional mineral oils, making it more efficient. Mobil Delvac 1 also works faster, so your engine reaches maximum efficiency faster. Both benefits mean better fuel consumption for your fleet of light or heavy commercial vehicles so you can save money on your fuel costs.

How does Mobil Delvac support my Euro IV, Euro V or Euro VI compatible Scania engines?

 with emission system protection contains advanced additives expertly designed to extend the life and maximise the efficiency of emission reduction systems such as the Scania diesel particulate filter (DPF). The diesel particulate filter (DPF) is used to meet the requirements of the Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI emission standards.

How can I find the right engine oil for my Scania commercial vehicle?

Using the right oil in your truck or light commercial vehicle is important to meet Scania specifications. Using the correct Mobil Delvac product during routine maintenance and in accordance with your vehicle's manual does not affect Scania's manufacturer's warranty. You can get a recommendation for the right product by using our product selector tool and searching by brand and model.