Mobiltherm 594

Mobiltherm 594 is a naphthenic, chlorine-free mineral heat transfer oil for use in indirect heat transfer systems. It is characterized by its exceptionally low pour point, high level of thermal stability, a low viscosity in the entire range of operating temperature and good heat transfer performance.

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  • Minder ongeplande stilstand en lagere onderhoudskosten
  • Verhoogt het rendement
  • Uitstekende vloeibaarheid bij lage temperaturen


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Content 208L
Sector Industrie
Merk Mobil

Functies en potentiële voordelen

  • Exceptionally low pour point allows use for both heating and cooling applications as well as smooth start up in winter temperatures
  • High resistance against thermal cracking preventing accumulation of deposits and ensuring clean and long life of the oil filling.
  • Low viscosity at operating temperature gives a high heat transfer coefficient and low friction in pipes, and therefore less energy consumption
  • High initial boiling point makes use of non pressurised systems possible up to the maximum recommended inlet temperature
  • Prevention of corrosion
  • Low odour
  • Maximum recommended operating temperature: 250°C (inlet temperature).


Heat transfer oils for closed or open, fire or electrically heated circulation systems designed according to VDI 3033 and DIN 4754.

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