Mobil Pyrolube 830

Mobil Pyrolube 830 is a superior high temperature lubricant made from a blend of high molecular weight
synthetic hydrocarbons and esters with a special anti-wear additive pack. It provides economical high
temperature lubrication in applications subject to the most severe oxidising conditions.

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Functies en potentiële voordelen

Mobil Pyrolube 830 offers the following benefits:

· Proven excellent performance at temperatures up to 230ºC
· Leaves no carbonaceous deposits or sludges
· Resists evaporation, and provides long term lubrication
· No objectionable smells or emissions
· Provides excellent lubrication and wear protection
· Applied by conventional equipment
· Improved lubrication can result in reduced energy consumption


Mobil Pyrolube 830 is recommended as an oven chain link lubricant in high temperature processes in the
mineral wool, ceramic, textile, paper, timber, glass, paint, fibreglass, food and chemical industries. In these and
similar applications its anti-wear and long life characteristics can be used to provide continuous effective
lubrication with minimum consumption.
Mobil Pyrolube 830 is also recommended for use in the lubrication systems of glass making machines and
other applications subject to high temperatures such as oven trolley wheel bearings, furnace fan bearings etc. (
For gearboxes one of the Mobilgear SHC XMP oils is a preferable lubricant. ).
Mobil Pyrolube 830 can be applied by most conventional injection, splash and spray methods. It is advisable to
clean chains thoroughly before changing over to Mobil Pyrolube 830 since airborne and other impurities will
stick to sludges and deposits from previously used conventional mineral oil based lubricants. Such deposits
may also prevent Mobil Pyrolube 830 from reaching the areas in the chain which are subject to wear.

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