Mobil Almo 527

Mobil Almo 500 Series lubricants are premium quality high performance products primarily intended for the lubrication of pneumatically operated rock drills in underground and surface mining operations. 

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Sector Industrie, Marine

Functies en potentiële voordelen

The Mobil Almo 500 Series oils provide an optimum performance balance which assures long equipment life and minimal maintenance costs. Their excellent wear protection characteristics and ability to provide adequate lubrication in the presence of water not only reduces wear but protects against rust and corrosion. Their good chemical stability prevents sludge and deposit formation reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Effective Chemical StabilityReduce sludge and deposit formation and Improves valve operation
Desired Emulsifiable PropertiesEffective lubrication in presence of water
High Viscosity IndexProvides good lubrication at both high and low temperatures
Excellent Load Carrying Ability and Anti-Wear ProtectionReduces component wear, prolongs equipment life and reduces maintenance costs
Very Good Adhesive CharacteristicsProtects metal surfaces from corrosion and provides good lubricant films under all conditions
Rust and CorrosionLonger tool life and increased tool performance


Mobil Almo 500 Series oils are recommended for use in all pneumatically operated rock drills in both underground and surface mining as well as in contractor and other industrial applications. They are suitable for percussive- and rotary- type tools. The viscosity grades allow selection for year-round use where seasonal ambient temperature variations are extreme.

  • Pneumatically operated rock drills in underground and surface mining operations
  • Pneumatically operated drills and jack hammers in highway construction and building operations
  • Rock drills in quarry operations
  • Percussion and rotary air-operated tools in industrial applications

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