Mobil 600W Super Cylinder Oil

Mobil Cylinder oils are high performance high viscosity oils designed for use in enclosed worm gears operating at moderate to high speeds and temperatures, and where heavy loads, slow speeds or high temperatures demand high viscosity oils. They are also intended for use in steam engine cylinder applications. They are formulated from high quality base stocks that are resistant to oxidation and thermal degradation, and the build-up of harmful deposits caused by the high operating temperatures of steam cylinders. They protect against rust and corrosion and provide good film strength and excellent lubricity and they are resistant to water washout.

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Sector Industrie, Marine

Functies en potentiële voordelen

Mobil Cylinder Oils offer the following features and potential benefits:

Excellent film integrity at high temperaturesExcellent equipment protection at high temperatures occasioned by variable load conditions, avoiding unexpected downtime and equipment replacement
Provision of good sealing film round rods and in glands in steam applications
Excellent resistance to deposit formation at high temperaturesResistant to deposits on areas subject to high spot temperatures, maintaining cleaner systems, requiring less maintenance
Excellent anti-wear and low friction propertiesAdditized grades give reduced wear
Very good water separation in absence of additivesNon-additized grade gives ready separation from condensate
High quality and built in performance featuresResults in fewer unplanned stoppages and reduced maintenance costs


Mobil 600W Cylinder Oil is recommended for the following applications:

  • The splash lubrication of enclosed worm gears operating at moderate to high speeds and temperatures. (Mobil 600 W Cylinder Oil)
  • Steam cylinders, couplings, bearings, and break-in of compressor cylinders (Mobil 600 W Cylinder Oil)
  • Mobil 600W Super Cylinder Oil and Mobil Extra Hecla Super Cylinder Oil are recommended for the above applications but under higher
    temperature and load conditions
  • Mobil Extra Hecla Super Cylinder Mineral is recommended where ready separation from condensate is essential, for example, where
    exhaust steam is used for process work
  • Mobil Extra Hecla Super Cylinder Mineral may also be used as a tempering oil for bath temperatures up to 290ºC

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