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Mobil ATF 134 FE

Mobil™ ATF 134 FE is an Automatic Transmission Fluid especially developed to further optimize gearbox efficiency of latest generation Mercedes-Benz 7-G Tronic Plus automatic transmissions.

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For 12 x 1L

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  • Potentially reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced system deposits
  • Sustained component protection
  • Extends fluid life even under harsh operating conditions
  • Long seal life and reduced maintenance
  • Helps reduce wear and protects pumps and components
  • Helps prevent aeration and cavitation damage
  • Helps ensure excellent performance and protection

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Sector Automotive, Transport , Agriculture, Industrie

Feature and Potential Benefits

Mobil ATF 134 is formulated with an advanced additive system in combination with a carefully selected composition of base oils providing excellent thermal stability and wear resistance as well as very good low temperature properties.



Mobil ATF 134 FE is designed for the Daimler automatic transmission type 7-G Tronic Plus. The below articles are introduced for all markets where the predecessor product (Mobil ATF 134) has been sold previously. Mobil ATF 134 FE is only miscible with other officially approved MB 236.15 ATFs and not backwards compatible with previous MB-ATF specifications.

Specifications and Approvals

This product has the following builder approvals

  • MB-approval 236.15

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