Mobil Vacuoline 133

The Mobil Vacuoline™ 100 range is a series of extra high quality circulating system oils primarily intended for the lubrication of plain bearings in systems designed for full fluid lubrication, particularly those subjected to heavy water contamination, such as may be used for back-up roll bearings in metal rolling mills.

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  • Extended gear and bearing life in enclosed gear drives
  • Reduced unexpected downtime and less maintenance
  • Reduced oil consumption and manpower costs
  • Smooth, trouble-free operation at high temperatures or in water-contaminated applications
  • Excellent compatibility with soft metals
  • Less filter changes and reduced maintenance costs

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Feature and Potential Benefits

The Mobil Vacuoline family of products is well known and highly regarded worldwide based on their outstanding performance and the global technical support which stand behind the brand. The exceptional performance of Mobil Vacuoline 100 Series oils, has made it the choice of rolling mill users around the world. Experience gained in close contact with key rolling mill builders, including Morgan Construction in the United States has been applied to ensure that Vacuoline oils meet the needs of evolving rolling mill designs and applications.

For Mobil Vacuoline 100 Series oils, this work has resulted in a formulation based on a high quality base stocks, along with specially chosen additives, to provide rust and corrosion protection and excellent demulsibility which results in superb equipment protection, highly reliable operation and long oil charge life. A review of the features, advantages and potential benefits of the product are shown below:

FeaturesAdvantages and potential benefits
Outstanding demulsibilityReady separation from water and contaminants throughout the life of the oil for trouble-free operation and reduced downtime
Good resistance to oxidative degradationExtended oil charge life and reduced oil replacement costs, Cleaner system and filters and reduced maintenance costs
Excellent rust and corrosion protectionEnhanced equipment protection and equipment life


Mobil Vacuoline 100 Series oils are primarily recommended and used almost exclusively for rolling mill applications. The oils are suitable for:

  • Back-up roll bearings of rolling mills, particularly bearing systems, where either a single or dual tank is employed
  • Other full fluid bearing systems and similar type applications in other industries, particularly where the bearings are subjected to heavy water contamination

Specifications and Approvals

Meets or exceeds the requirements of

  • SMS SIEMAGE - MORGOIL® Lubricant Specification Advanced Lubricant, SN 180 Part 4 : 2009-07
  • SMS SIEMAGE - MORGOIL® Lubricant Specification Advanced Lubricant, SN 180 Part 3 : 2009-07
  • DIN 51517-2 : 2009-06

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