Synthetics lubricants: the right choice for outstanding performances and environment

Mobil SHC lubricants are useful while working in low-temperature environments, as mineral oils tend to thicken to a greater degree. Their high viscosity index give Mobil SHC lubricants the ability to flow at low temperatures, while providing better film thickness and as a result, wear protection to machine elements at extreme temperatures.

All these attributes of Mobil SHC lubricants result in another positive: energy efficiency. Synthetics provide a thicker lubricant film at operating temperature compared to mineral oils, thus reducing the extent of metal-to-metal contact and the associated energy loss. As well, energy can be lost due to churn as mechanical parts move through oil: synthetics have a lower viscosity when compared to mineral counterparts of the same ISO viscosity grade at start-up, resulting in lower churn energy loss than a mineral. Finally, since Mobil SHC lubricants have a low traction coefficient, they behave better under high pressure.




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